Marshall Tucker

The Outlaws

The Doobie Others

Travis Tritt

Three Dog Night

The Grassroots

Artimus Pyle

Paul Revere & The Raiders

1910 Fruit Company

The Coda Band

The Chicklettes

The Happenings

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Classics IV 

Shirley Alston Reeves

LaLa Brooks & The Crystals

The Platters

Dennis Tufano

The Vogues

The Buckinghams

The Village People

Herman's Hermits

Peter Noone

The Drifters

The Duprees

Bobby Wilson

Just Us


Harold Melvins Blue Notes

Charlie Thomas

Uncle Floyd

Mike Marino

John Pizzi

Eric Tartaglioni

Carol Montgomery

Rob Falcone

The Fast Lane

Southern Steel

Destination Mo-Town

Carpenters Tribute Concert

Classic Skynyrd live

The New York Rat pack

Neil Bergs 100 Years of Broadway

Creedence Revived

The Bronx Wanderers 

 Last Child

 Get the Led Out



Almost Queen


Classic Stones Live

The Machine

Changes in Latitude

CSN Songs

The Boogie Wonder Band

Hotel California

The Land of Oz

Ultimate Elton John

Who's Bad?



Best of the Eagles

I Am King

The Purple Experience

In The Light Of Led Zeppelin

Bee Gee's Gold

Abba Revisited

We've Only Just Begun (Carpenters Remembered)

Yellow Brick Road

Let's Hang On

Tramps Like Us

The Soul Cruisers  

The Sixties Show

Rob Caudill (A tribute to Rod Stewart)

Live and Let Die (A tribute to Paul Mccartney) 

Gypsy  (A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac)

Just Sabbath

The Do Woop Project

Dr. K's MoTown Revue 

The Doobie Others

Pure McCartney

Hotel California

The Ultimate Doors